Allure Fashion Tour – Auditions are On

1Do you wish to be a successful model? Then wait no more and get scouted by India’s prestigious Allure Fashion Tour. It’s an excellent opportunity if modeling is the industry you want to create a name in.

AFT lends wings to the dreams of the many talented young married and unmarried women and provides them an excellent opportunity to showcase their talent and spirit as they step out from the threshold of their comfort zone to conquer the world of glamour.

Organised by Dev Jindal, Allure Fashion Tour is the ultimate platform for women who have the potential to reach the zenith of the success ladder and have the will to make it big in the industry.

Whether it’s behind the scenes or up front on the catwalk, from fashion shows, campaigns to calendar shoots, we make sure it all runs smoothly.


Allure Fashion Tour believes in celebrating the beauty of the diversity of Indian Married Woman as every woman is and shall always feel beautiful about herself in all aspects of life. Usually, it has been seen that most pageants focus only on looks, height and personality of the contestants, however, Mrs. India stands apart by celebrating the confidence, attitude and achievements of both married and unmarried woman.

Rightly said, pageantry is an opportunity for you to achieve your dreams and to discover new ones. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them!

So buck up because Allure Fashion Tour is all set to visit the city of Hisar for auditions and is on a lookout to find its next top Mrs. and Miss India, 2018!

You think you fit the bill? Then get ready because now is the time to show the world what you have got!!


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